5150 No Limits Scenario Books now on Sale!

Updates and add-ons to the 5150: No Limits series.

5150 No Limits Scenario Books now on Sale!

Postby THW » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:39 am

The Night Terror
Just another Bug Hunt; right?
Not exactly. It's a Bug Hunt with a twist. The aliens came to your world and killed everyone that was important to you. They wouldn't talk, they killed on sight. Now you're the last of your kind and you're ready for revenge...
Against the humans.

The Cool Coolie
You own a spaceship - The Cool Coolie!
You start in New Hope City where there's a fine line between an interplanetary Merchant Trader and a Smuggler. Your ship is costing you some credits when it's sitting empty and you need to find a few jobs. But that's the least of your problems as your 1st mate just told you ...
The cops are looking for you!

See them here!
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