No Quarter Player Aids

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No Quarter Player Aids

Postby SoloMecha » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:17 pm

Hello, there! First post here. Over the past few months I was playing Mobile Frame Zero, a pretty streamlined and simple ruleset for mecha combat using miniatures built from lego bricks. It's simple, fast, and engaging (very interactive turn taking like the chain reactions system), but fell short obviously in several aspects, particularly no mech (class, design) distinctions, crude weapon systems (no types or range differences, just roll the same dice), and more importantly, no campaign systems and pilot development, let alone NPC mechanism. That said, I still had great fun playing this in my gaming group.

So I started to look for something more meaty and crunchy and thematic. At first I was thinking of the good (new) old Battletech, being drawn by its immense depth both in gameplay and lore. However, BT games often take SO long even for a small lance fight. Assault mechs are easily overkill both in the battlefield and on the gaming table. Plus NPC/AI is what I desperately want to see but that has never happened.

Then there came the 5150 ruleset. It instantly hits the spot as it provides me with most of the things I was looking for. Mech classes, no overcomplicated weaponry, pilot developments, campaign system, simple yet effective AI for both solo and co-op. The Reaction System works surprisingly well for the mecha theme and achieves a superb balance between overwhelming flowcharts and purely chaotic simple dice rolls. Just the right amount of depth for fast play (less than half the time of a BT game).

A great plus is I can exploit the brick system to its fuller potential; everything can be custom built from the ground up. Faction specific mech designs? There you go! Simulating battle situations? For sure! Right arm blown off by PPC, rocket launcher on the left chest falling apart, half of the rear armor destroyed. You name it. You build it. :)

Would absolutely love to write up an AAR someday if time permits.

What can make NQ even more perfect to me is to be able to fully integrate it with Hammer and Anvil to create a “Battletech-lite” system. Infantry, tanks, mechs, you have them all!

I have made several player aids and see if anyone find them useful (posted with permission from Ed) (All three are designed to be printed double-sided.)

Have fun and happy gaming!
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Re: No Quarter Player Aids

Postby stryderg » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:48 pm

Thanks for putting in the work on these. One of these days I'm going to stop flittering from one genre to the next and settle down to actually play a game (oh joyous day!).
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