Taking Jobs in the Outer Rings

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Taking Jobs in the Outer Rings

Postby THW » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:14 pm

While future No Limits books will take place in the Outer Rings (5 to 9), here's an easy way to get Jobs out there, right now. Here's how we do it:
1 - Go to the Hauling Cargo Table (page 42) or Hauling Passengers Table (page 43) - whichever Job you're looking for..
2 - Count the Ring that you're in as the 1st Ring, that's what's listed on each table.
3 - Roll on the table normally.
4 - When the result is rolled, follow the usual procedure, but remember, the Ring you're in counts a the 1st Ring.

Example - Billy Pink is in Ring 5. He gets a Hauling Cargo Job and rolls 1d6 for the location. He scores a 1, the cargo is to be delivered in the 5th Ring. But the LA Woman has 3 Hull Points so he takes another Job. Rolling 1d6 he scores a 5, it's outside of the Ring he is in. I roll a 1/2d6 and score a 3. The cargo must be delivered to the 8th Ring.
Hope this helps,
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