Babylon 5 Star Navy

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Babylon 5 Star Navy

Postby THW » Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:22 pm

Just found this online and reposting here.

This is off the 2HW site and includes all ideas on Babylon 5 Space Navy Combat using 2HW STAR NAVY rules.

B5 in STAR NAVY test rules

For the Narns:
G’Quan – Class 5, 6 guns (forward arc only), 12 guns, 1 AA and 1 hangar
Ka’Toc – Class 4, 4 guns (forward arc only), 4 light guns
For the Centauri:
Vorchan – Class 3, 12 light guns (forward arc only)
Altarian – Class 4, 4 guns (forward arc only), 8 light guns, 2 AA
I used the Hishen QRS for the Centauri and gave them a long range scanning rating of 5 for both contesting and controlling. For the Narn I used the Star Navy QRS and gave them a long range scan of 4 for each category. The final change was to the ground scale. The Fleet Action miniatures I’m using are quite small, with the G’Quan being the largest at 4 cm long. Because of this, and the small number of ships involved, I used centimetres instead of inches for all measurements.
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