Naked zombies, oh my!

If you're offended by photos of small pieces of painted lead and plastic With no clothes on, then don't view this forum. You've been warned - here be miniature nakedness!

Naked zombies, oh my!

Postby flashcove » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:42 pm

Just to keep this thing active, here are a few pictures of my naked zombies.
(124.02 KiB) Downloaded 735 times

Living in the Greater New Orleans area, there has to be a Saints cheerleader!
(239.36 KiB) Downloaded 735 times

(132.44 KiB) Downloaded 735 times

(129.89 KiB) Downloaded 735 times

Hah! The last one is for the ladies!
The only good zombie no longer moves.
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