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Postby THW » Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:30 pm

Welcome aboard. The nice thing about THW is you can play with family and friends on the same side. When questions come up, be sure to ask!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby Crinklechips » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:50 am

MelissaMiller wrote:
maul1970 wrote:Hi my name is Steve from London UK.

Ex RPG-er from the 80's, I was alos a long time fan of all-things workshop (40k,fantasy battle, space marine, necromunda, mordheim space hulk and advanced space crusade). After "growing up" and committing gaming heresy by giving everything away except my true love (space hulk and all the expansions).

Years later and single again, I retrieved my dusty old copy of space hulk 1st edition......and it had no minis!!! returning to games workshop to get some new minis for the game I was like amazed at how good the models out there had become... alas I was lost, my love for gaming and painting rekindled. now armed with online shopping modelling supplies/minis/rules which were all harder to find back in the day are only a keyboard away!!!

Now married with a family hobby time is limited but do-able..... just takes a while to actually get things finished!!! anyways enter THW and 5150..... solo rules!!!

I have a painting/modelling blog on tumblr which is really a memory aid for all my project strands, and allows me to pick up from where I last left off due to the frequent incursions of real life!!!

Apart from the modelling/painting I plan to use 5150 urban renewal in the 40k universe, blending dark heresy and necromunda.

Hi, I'm Melissa from Chester, UK! I've just joined this forum too. Nice to be a part of such great community. Few words about my interests. I very much enjoy the following:
- Spending time with my family
- Playing video games
- Writing and performing music
- Writing short stories, novels, and comics
- Watching films
- Attending concerts
- Listening to lots of music
- Reading novels and comics
- Podcasting

And many other cool things :D

Hi Melissa,

You sound very busy! Nice to see another English person here :-). I used to write and perform music too. Not doing anything at the moment though.

What comics/books do you read?

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