FNG – remote gaming experiment

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FNG – remote gaming experiment

Postby BadAce » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:38 am

Hi, I’m new to the forums though not to THW. Expect this has been tried before but thought it might amuse you guys ...

I’m currently trialling an experiment running FNG (2nd Tour) as remote gaming; I provide the table and run the rules, friend (680 miles away) leads squad fed by online pictures and log commentary. It’s ongoing at the moment, but every indication is it’s working well.

If you want a look at the game so far check out “Trent’s Mission” on http://BadAceGames.co.uk/ Other galleries of game snaps include earlier Vietnam missions, Terminator and Zombies.

Note: I’m well travelled, have been in actual jungle in several places and well aware that real jungle is mostly visually dull. I opted for a more fantasy jungle look to my gaming because that’s what appealed to the eye.
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