Ideas for cheap modular and portable gaming

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Ideas for cheap modular and portable gaming

Postby Grendel » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:38 pm

I'm gonna throw mine out and maybe others have suggestions they want to add also.

First the modular and portable gaming idea I've been brewing on here lately. I will be using 6mm for this project.
I received a shipment of minis from Baccus a while back and noticed the box was of a type that will open semi flat, at least the interior space from the top to bottom is flat. No sides where it hinges basically. That got my juices flowing. I could cut piece of felt and lay in there. Workable. Then I saw a product that seemed to fit the project. A large piece of Velcro in an olive green color. Glue the furry grass side down or attach it with more Velcro. For the modular bit I am thinking of using small to large pieces of free laminate counter top samples (from hardware stores for those interested) for bases of pretty much everything with the Velcro loop sides glued to the bottom. (not the minis themselves just buildings and trees etc.) So far so good. Also some sort of small tackle box with Velcro and foam inside for the minis. In theory everything will be stuck down for transporting. The other specific modular game boards (WWI trench system and whatever else I fancy) will be crafted individually on the free sample laminate pieces as well and will be able to Velcro down too.
What I am getting hung up on is how to make the cheap cardboard box itself more durable. I've thought of using a superglue that comes with a brush to coat the outside and then paint it. But I'm not feeling that is a very good solution. Any comments, thoughts or suggestions from the jury?
Also if you have come up with something else that works lets have it. I'm all ears.

One more side note the free laminate samples make great bases if you like them very thin and will cut with scissors but tin snips are better.
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