Sicily 1943 - Biazza Ridge - looking for info

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Sicily 1943 - Biazza Ridge - looking for info

Postby brisko32312 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:46 am

Hello friends,

I posted the same on TMP - and since here are a lot of interested and competend gamers, I just want to give it a try here, too.

I am researching the US-Para actions during Operation Husky. Does anybody have (or know about) a detailed map showing locations, positions and geographical features (especially contour lines) for the battle of Biazza-Ridge?
Most maps on the net or in the books are not detailed enough to make sense or just false. Even google-earth can't help me, because the ridge seems to be just a slight rise in the ground.

The same for Cpt. Ed Sayre's first actions after landing. I just can't pinpoint the spot and location of the winery with the six pillboxes north of his designated DZ....

Thank you,
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