Muskets & Shakos: SYW Brunswick Lieb-Regiment

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Muskets & Shakos: SYW Brunswick Lieb-Regiment

Postby Atomic Floozy » Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:59 am

Would you rate the Seven Years War Brunswick Lieb-Regiment as Rep 5? I'm rating regular line infantry at Rep 4 & grenadier companies at Rep 5. I've seen in other rules where Prussian & Hessian life guard units are rated the same as grenadiers, but have found little information on the Brunswickers.

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Re: Muskets & Shakos: SYW Brunswick Lieb-Regiment

Postby THW » Tue May 01, 2018 10:23 pm

I'd go Rep 5 as in Naps the Brunswicker Guards are rated as Grenadiers as well.
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