I finally got in some more Black Powder

The 'early' gunpowder days. Muskets and Mohawks, Long Rifle, Muskets and Shakos, And a Bottle of Rum and similar era games.

I finally got in some more Black Powder

Postby Martian Banshee » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:35 pm

After only about 13 months, I returned to my Long Rifle / And a Bottle of Rum mashup (with Magic). Played in late June, I spent the first week of July moving and getting settled, and finally finished the write-up tonight. This was shortly before Ed put out the new reaction / challenge rules.

In Episode 2, Olivia Pierre encounters her first Dutch Dwarf, and gains her first command.


Now that the new place is inhabitable, I'm looking forward to another game very soon, and may switch to the updated rules when Capitaine Pierre sails to Tortuga.
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