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It's a broad topic, but it's essentially anything pre-gun era. Warrior Heroes, Red Sand Blue Sky, Rally Round the King for a start.

Re: Search for the Saurian Scholar - An Edd's Pub AAR

Postby Tekawiz » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:02 am

shon maxx wrote:Cool I'd enjoy hearing how that turned out.

Jay, I one thing I started doing was to roll for Recovery after each PEF confrontation. This is because of the Will to Fight resulting in figures sometimes fleeing. I wouldn't have a group to continue with. By rolling on Recovery, I could get some of my guys back to encounter more PEFs at the same location. I'm wondering if you noticed that also.

I'll send you the AAR when I'm done with the story.

I've also been tweaking all the buildings by giving them a little flavor. After I complete all the PEFs and roll for the clue in the building, I roll a 1d6 for an event/non event. For example in the Mental Hospital, I may meet figures that were once in my group that failed the Insanity Test or a doctor requests I enter a patient's dream which takes me to Dreamlands. In the Church the Priest prays and the Darkness Level is reduced by 1, roll for a military weapon at the military base, or find an Artifact at the Museum, etc. - Minor events to add flavor and more to the story.
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Re: Search for the Saurian Scholar - An Edd's Pub AAR

Postby shon maxx » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:48 am

Well with the Recovery for LR, I just wanted to continue the trend of the game not playing fair. For Edd's Pub, I actually thought it read, 'After the Battle,' and that's how I played it. Of course, as Ed says, it's your game, play it your way. i'm pretty sure no tentacled gods will confront you because you decided to give your group a fighting chance.

Cool ideas for adding flavor. I look forward to your AAR.
shon maxx
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